Steve Claybourne's Custom
Web Design & Graphics Service

      Get Your Message OUT!!!

When you want your message to get across...

do animations , 'cute' images or "Wait while loading FLASH application"

Help you sell... or do they distract your viewer?

Pictures are useful when they illustrate an idea or product. Don't let them become distracting.
After all, it is your idea or product that you want to sell... not the programmer's tricks.

Here is one of my web sites that consistantly makes it onto the first page on Google.
With a search for "entry mats".

And see how easy it is to use.

  • I can help you find a Domain Name that is not in use.
  • I can help you register your Domain Name.
  • I do not host the sites, but can help you find a host, and will work with them to keep you up and running.
  • I work on presenting easy to understand content.
  • I am easy to reach...     507 383 4927     Try it.
  • I can keep your page updated promptly.
  • I have low overhead, so I am not expensive.
  • I am looking for only 4 more Web sites to support.
  • You may contact me by e-mail also