Client Projects and Current Works

Last Update - 10/10/07

If you are interested in contacting me about custom design work...
You can explain your ideas in an E-mail. I will respond if you leave contact information.
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If I'm working on a project for you,
This is where I will post work in progress so you can tell me what you think about the work so far...

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  1. North American Mat Company - do a Google search on "Entry Mats"

  2. Western Star Lodge #26 A. F. & A. M. - Albert Lea's Masonic Lodge

  3. The Stamp Studio - a local Albert Lea shop

  4. Marv's Custom Wood Working, etc. but Marv is retired now.

  5. And Ultimate Automotive and Tire
  6. A company just getting started...

    Experimental work with animation graphics...

  7. Mark's food project "Ver.01" Dinner   Loads in Shockwave

  8. And regular business card design...

  9. A business card and Brochere - For a "Custom Tailor"

Brochere is printed front and back then cut down the center.